Brooke Nelson

yeah my Symphonic Band picture. . .I'm from California, and I'm 15. ( im so old ) I love to draw when I'm angry, when I'm deeply sad I write music... I perfer to be jealous or angry when I do my art, I guess I'm a little competitive. Aside from my artistic life, I play flute and Piccolo and now... TROMBONE!!! I nomally draw my pictures to Japanese Rock band Music- recently Beethoven's 9th symphony - but thats an Evangelion inspiration ^^ - Uh I love X - Japan and Gackt and Dir En Grey, Malice Mizer and Glay isn't too bad. I hope to become an animation director someday and I hope my art will influence others if not emotionally effect them. I also do writings, but my art is what I'm proud of. I know there are many other artists out there that make my work look like poo, but I still have fun trying! So please enjoy this and keep in mind that each piece of work here is original and I hate it when people accuse me of copying. For my mediums I use a pencil, and eraser, then I ink it with pen, ( sometimes ) and then I'll scan it, color it in Corel Photo Paint 8 and * ZING * there you have it! I do take requests even though I'm a little slow I do commissions !!! I accept art trade proposals! NEW - LINK AND SHEIK!!!( Ocarina of Time )and ZELDA! ( Zelda in her Sheikah Guise ) Inspired by all of you peoples!!!!! Thanx! :: bows :: Im here every week end ^.~