Brooks Owen

It's been a while ladies and gents. I'll be uploading new works in the next month. Hope to see your comments and critiques then.

The Adventures of Mystic and Fury

I got bored about a year ago and started this short story. I have a plot lined out, although you can't tell it this far into the story, but I'm really unsure if I want to continue this story. Leave me some critiques please?? Meanwhile, I'm off to figure out where I can find time to start on finishing this thing.. *sighs* Leave your thoughts!!!!

Fleeta Rancao

I wrote this story a while back as suppliment to an RPG character because I really needed something to help her storyline along. I figure there are some misspellings or grammer problems in it, but critique it as you may. I'd appreciate any comments out there that come to mind.