Brett Cushing

I confess to having quite a bit of difficulty with describing myself in such a one-sided format, but I'll give it a shot.  I am an artist, a student, a history buff, an eccentric, a painfully average kid (and not nearly as poetic a person as I'd like to be.)  I've been drawing since before I can remember and have been creating digital art for about five years.  I am and have been employed by several commercial design and apparel companies, and am now studying digital design.  Artistically, I take my inspiration from a multitude of often disparate sources, and, unfortunately, I've found myself with less and less time for art as I've become increasingly busy with other aspects of my life.  Visually, I'm inspired by the art of the renaissance and baroque masters, but I like for my artwork, at the same time, to capture the dynamics and emotions of the human experience as well as elements of modern style; in short, I like pretty pictures that imply a story.  I've grown a lot, artistically, in the five years since I joined Elfwood when I was 13.  Since then my art has gone through innumerable stylistic manifestations, as I've searched for my own individual "look."  I've often found the expression of emotion in art to be difficult, which probably seems nigh paradoxical to most artists.  Having been a commercially-oriented artist for many years, I am only now truly searching for "soul" and meaning in my work.  Ridding oneself of restrictions is often more difficult than enstating them, I've found.  I love to recieve comments on my work, and I always read them even though I don't always have time to respond individually.  Thank you to all who take the time to leave me feedback, you've all been an immense help and inspiration to me over the years!   . . . And to clear up a few technical questions that I frequently recieve, I do use a stylus (a Wacom Intuous tablet) and, for the most part, Adobe Photoshop 7. Basics and Interests Birthday: December 8, 1987 (making me a Sagittarius and a wood rabbit and 18 as I compose this.) favorite artists: Titian, Caravaggio, Edward Burne-Jones, Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres . . . too many to list! Favorite Book: Again, far too many to list! Favorite Band: The Decemberists Favorite Movie: My Neighbor Totoro (I'm such a kid!) Likes: art, drawing, fantasy, drawing fantasy (no way!), sleeping, dark chocolate, history, astronomy, theology, dogs, octopi, Soviet field bags, conversation,, musical unknowns, tea, LAN parties, reading, renaissance and medieval fayres . . . Dislikes: Everything else.  I'm a curmudgeon. Please Note:I do not frequently update this gallery, if you want to see my newer art before it gets around to Elfwood (as I typically don't update this gallery until I have at least 3 new images) you can check out my DeviantART gallery.  Also, I realize that there's a pretty big graphic design community out there that creates signatures, tubes, stationary, etc from existing images.    If you represent one such group, you have my permission to use or report my work (within reason) as long as I am credited as the artist.  Please email or IM me if you have any questions. Painting: The art of protecting flat surfaces from the weather and exposing them to the critic. --Ambrose Bierce I like art, music, game design, digital design, lost generation and early modernist literature, the black plague, late night psychoanalysis, the defenestration of prague, collecting soviet field bags, the somme, walmart expeditions, people watching, sushi, local access tv, becoming a drifter, big droopy hounddogs, chinese food, Eliot's the wasteland, octopi, baby sloths, astronomy, LAN parties, epic naps, medieval fayres, being socially awkward, applebees, trilobites, winston churchill, archaeology Favourite movies LoTR trilogy, my neighbor totoro Favourite music the decemberists, !forward, russia!, neutral milk hotel, communique, white whale, anberlin, trembling blue stars, joy division, mae, the dears, bayside, victory at sea, . . . and guppies eat their young, copeland, trespassers william, the queers, stabilo, whiskeytown, the faint, narcotic thrust, WARGASM, iron and wine, everytime I die, t-pain!, over the rhine, dogs die in hot cars, cary brothers, . . . and you will know us by the trail of dead, death from above 1979, she wants revenge, every move a picture, born in the flood, august anchor