Shieya of M'ilean

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Bessie Young

UPDATED: (Aug. 31, 2003) I've smoothed out the little bumps and things I hated... the picture is relatively the same, I just... made it a little better. I like the way her skin looks now. The people of M'ilean dedicate their lives to knowledge and discipline, and the celebration of life. The men are usually extremely intelligent, beautiful and strong with a dancer's subtle grace, very arrogant in their youth, self-righteous and cocky. Some stay this way until they find a wife, or a female they wish to bed. Most are reserved and wise with the turning of their ages, and learn to respect all living things. The women, are taught to be demure, observant and as intelligent as any 'puzzle-master'. So, while they sit in attendance in a room fill with people, they are alert, listening and watching, although their eyes appear downcast, and their bodies disciplined into an outward display of complete obediance. They were the eyes and ears of the M'ilean, while the men were the muscle and the protection. Shieya is at the age equivalent to 14 human years. In the next year, she would further increase her grace and learning, and recieve the final mark that would find it's place between the two at the base of her neck. Upon recieving that mark, she would be free to find a mate, or not. She would be free to do what-so-ever she pleased. For now, she sat within the Chamber of Meditated Thoughts, schooling her disobediance to her Teacher, who would return for her on the morrow. Just one more year, and she would be officially a Lady of the M'ilean. Total time: 5 hours Mediums: Paper, Ink Pen, Prisma Pencil Crayons, Photoshop to edit Artist's Note: A lot of the detail was lost in coloring this, and the hair isn't quite the way I had hoped it would turn out, but it suffices. This is my first attempt at colouring by hand and then fixing it up on the computer. I don't have the funds to get a tablet, so everything is done either by hand or by mouse. ((5 hours is the longest I've ever spent on a picture by far :P))

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