Brendan <<Trewio>>

...........Hey yo. I'ma trewio, and thats who I am. I like to do all differnt varients upon all diffrent creatures. **ahem, cleans up the place a little, hangs some new holly around, and uploads a few new pik-a-tures, and waits for the ppl to pour in.** **four days later, he is still waiting** Oh well, **arranges some furniture, and hopes that ppls come back, and still remember.** Ok,**grabs a piece of paper, and scrawls a greeting** Yes, it is I the maginfico Trewio! to most, others I'm just BTO or Ony...but mainly I'm known round here as Tre on the GG. I uploaded some new pics, and have a few more in the works. Please leave comments, and check back every so often, so I don't get lonely. Enjoy the new pics, and ...thas it. well enjoy, and lemme know what yas think! }:รพ