Kelsey Lucetta

Whoa! Hey everyone! (She's actually updating?!) Ha ha, after an entire year, I'm finally updating! ^-^ Sorry that is has taken so long, but I just wanted to thank everyone for supporting my art and asking me to post more. It was such a great feeling when people I rarely speak to come up to me and give me comments. Thank you so much!! ^__^ For the past year, I've been involved with theatre, again! ^__~ I was in As You Like it, Christmas Carol, and Seussical. They were all great shows! This summer, I will be going to England and Ireland! ^_^ I'm very excited! I may not be where Elfwood is, but hopefully I'll get a good taste of fantasy art, castles, and other enchanted things! O_About Me Name Kelsey Nickname Bunchip/Hoff/Hoffy Age 16 Gender female Location Twin Cities, Minnesota Height 5'11'' Birthday April 24 Language English, some Spanish Chinese Zodiac snake Zodiac taurus Star Stone diamond Planet Venus Fav artists CLAMP, Katherine 'Kitteh' Hallberg, Annah Hutchings Updates 7/15/03: Got into Elfwood...YAY! ^___^ 7/16/03: Got a suprise gift from Dad, WACOM TABLET! *Dances* YAY!!! ^o^ 7/22/03: Uploaded 4 pictures: Akiko's Glow, Petal Dream, Mask of Human, and Shuuko. ^_~ Please lookies! 1/2/04: Uploaded 1 new picture: Ribbon! Please tell me if I should color this on my tablet or not! ^__^ 7/1/04: 3 More pictures: Ribbons (colored) and Birthday Angel.