Michael Burrows

I have had a life long interest in visual art. I am particularly interested in illustration for children and in the fantasy genre. While I have a strong appreciation for modern painting, I love to view a simple sketch or pen & wash illustration (perhaps from the hands of William Heath Robinson, Arthur Rackham, or Ernest Shepherd).My favourite illustrators are: Jason Chan, Gerald Brom (not for the faint hearted), Frank Frazetta (the Great Master of Fantasy Art), John Howe, Alan Lee (love the earthy textures of his water colours), Rodney Matthews (great style), Socar Miles, Gris Grimly, & Inga Moore,Favourite comic illustrators: JS Campbell, JC Hewlett (illustrator for the Gorillaz), & Michael Leunig (often insightful, often quirky, sometimes surreal).Enough self indulgency! Do yourself a favour and check these illustrators out. I hope you enjoy my pictures. I love to receive feedback. Cheers. I like Music, Illustration Favourite books LOTR, Harry Potter, The Witch of Cologne Favourite music U2, John Buttler Trio, Ben Folds, The Cat Empire, Blues & Roots, Rock, Classical, Celtic