John Byrd

Major Influences: Todd Mcfarlane, Art Adams, Barry Windsor Smith, Brom, John Romita Jr, Byrne Hogarth, Frank Frazetta, Rion, Cleavenger, My art instructer Flavia and the Masters. I think I have a new influence though. Her name is Carolina Eade, I am really taken by her level of work at such a young age. Many Other Comic artist and all the Dungeons and Dragons Artist has been a major influence to my work. The Goal: To keep improving on my art, this is what I was meant to do, Send electronic portfolios to gaming companies and publishers. To eventually get a commision for work to be published in Gaming Material or Magazines. Right now I'd take any job though drawing or painting. I am finally drivin for the first time in my life to make this happen, I won't let up til it does. Stuff I love: Women Folk, An occasional Brew, Role Playing Games with a special place in my heart for Dungeons and Dragons, John Madden Football, The Washington Redskins, My Childrens, My Mother, My Brother, My bestest Pals, Looking at Fantasy Art work, Drawing, Painting, My Computer, My Wacom Tablet, Good Movies, Good Food,Good Music, and last but not least, Roller Coasters.