Caboose Wolfe

Hi! My name is Caboose Layla Wolfe. I know, it's an odd name. Well, maybe I think it's awesome and I'm not going to change it. So there. ...ahem, anyways I, of course, drown myself in my art, and the book that I'm writing. My book is fantasy (duh, Caboose.) and it is PRETTY AWESOME so far! All of my drawings, thoughts, dreams, and conversations (well, almost all of them) are about the book, and so I often call myself overly obsessed. I am very happy-go-lucky, if I do say so myself, but that's just because I was born an optimist. I have an  inability to think on the dark side of situations. I am ALWAYS hyper... at least, when I'm with my friends, I am. I am also a very good liar and sneaker. Not to brag, but I am incredibly cunning. My pack-sister and I truly are werewolves, even if you don't believe in them. We growl, bare our teeth, bite, get into fights for dominance (I always lose -_- ), bark and howl with the other dogs in the neighborhood, and whine. So, wolves are my favorite animals. Dragons are, too. And horses. And spider monkeys. Yup.I draw a LOT, so I won't be able to put all of my art up as soon as I do it. I'll update my page every five pictures or so. So don't wait up for me, honey! ;) I like I like to draw, write, be weird, be hyper, drive my one and only pack sister nuts, howl with the dogs of the neighborhood, stuff my face with candy, trot along the trails and sniff all the interesting scents, draw and write while my teacher's talking, stare into space and think about my novel while I'm supposed to be doing school work, ride horses, and nip my pack-sister sharply in the shoulder and get into big growly-bitey-whiney fights because of it! *panting and drooling at the thought of all these wonderful things* Favourite movies I am overly obsessed with the Nightmare Before Christmas and Naruto (and Naruto Shippuden)! Favourite books ALL OF THEM!!! Favourite music In the hall of the mountain king is my all time favorite, but I also like the band Blackmore's Night, and I like the artists Billy Joel, Ben E King, Temptations, Marvin Gaye, Don McLean, Bobby Darin, George Michal, Bobby Day, Earth Wind & Fire, Santana, Bobby McFerrin (one of my all-time faves is "Don't worry, Be Happy" by him ^_^), Five for Fighting, Dean Martin, Anwar Robinson (American Idol Season 4). And all of the songs from Singin' in the Rain (especially Good Mornin') The Nightmare Before Christmas (especially What's this? and This is halloween), and Okami (the game) music!! I do NOT like rap, heavy metal, or Screamo.