Timothy Kou

Hello, everybody! Here I am once again, updating my bio. Since my last update was lost during the backup recovery, I've decided that I can't just keep my first one up. So, here goes. I'm a twenty-one year-old business student at the moment, but I've loved art from when I was four years old, and have been puting pencil to paper ever since. I must give credit to Lloyd Alexander for pricking my fascination with fantasy. Since reading his Prydain series, I've never really grown out of children's literature. You'll see some illustrations inspired by his books along with illustrations from my own stories. And some illustrations that simply come to me on a whim. Okay, I confess: I doodle. There are so many artists that I look up to, and hope that one day I may be counted among them. John Howe's illustrations and the power of his imagination are unmatched, and he's my all time favorite fantasy artist. Other inspirations come from Iain McCaig, Doug Chiang, Alan Lee, Christophe Vacher, Justin Gerard, Donald Seegmiller, and fellow Elfwood artist Dawn Davidson. Of course I thank God for His perfect creation, and a world filled with so many wonders. Other places you can view my artwork: TK-Art My personal website. Still under construction. DeviantArt My DeviantArt gallery. Some things that I would not be able to upload on Elfwood, and some more elaborate pieces. Last update: July 14, 2005