Kalle Beneus

Hi. If you're one of those nosy people who can't get enough of other peoples private life, then you might revel in the knowledge that, among other things, I'm from Gothenburg in Sweden, I'm 18 and I pretty much never get enough time to draw. I draw mainly animé-style pics, simply because I really like animé and it's not too hard to do ^^ My devotion to fantasy started around third grade, when I first read 'Lord of the rings'. After that, I went on to read almost only fantasy. After Tolkien, the favourites are 'The Farseer'-trilogy, 'Wheel of time' and R.A. Salvatores forgotten realms books. At the top of the list though, is Terry Practhett. His books, together with Douglas Adams' 'The hitchiker's guide to the galaxy' and Monty Python, pretty much sums up my type of humour. And 'Good Omens' is arguably the best, or at the least the funniest, book out there. This fanart gallery will probably grow quite a bit someday. I like drawing fanart, because then I don't need to strain the small amount of imagination that I have =p