Hello! I appreciate you taking time to look at my artwork. I'm twenty years old and just about to turn twenty-one in February. I suppose I draw and sculpt because I like to make beautiful things (well, some of them aren't so beautiful, but you get the idea). The world needs more beautiful things in it, I think. So I guess my inspiration is simply the search for beauty in itself... but on a nerdier level I like fantasy things, as I'm certain you've already noticed. As for the technical aspects of my art I usually draw with .5 mechanical pencils and prismacolor colored pencils. All of the clay things up here are either high-fire porceline or polymer clay (quite the range, eh? Sorta depends on if I can get my hands on a kiln or not). As for the rest of my life, I'm a biology major at the University of Oregon and I hope to become a veterinarian and work in wildlife conservation somehow.   Anyway... in addition to drawing and sculpting,  I sing in the university concert choir, and I like to write.  I have two horses, Peanut and Chy Boy, as well as three cats and a dog.  I love to travel.  Um... other than that, I don't know what to say. Anyway, thanks for looking around. ^_^