Caitrin Lenartz

Well, look at you, back again. for the first time, you Whatever. Moving on. Well, my name, unless you missed the huge header at the top there, is Caitrin. I was born in 1985 (you can do the math because I don't want to have to come in and change my age every year) on an Air Force Base in Turkey. Both my parents are retired from the United States Air Force and I have absolutely no desire whatsoever to join up. I'm sure I make them proud. I'm studying psychology at the University of Portland, but really, I want to be an artist or an author. I just know that those are hard fields to get into sucessfully, so I need a backup plan as it were. I'm into art (obviously. I've been drawing for as long as I can remember and I like to think I'm getting better), music and culture. Some of my favorite musicians are The Real McKenzies, The Pogues, Billy Idol and various other punkrockers. I have a lot of Celtic blood, so I'm very into my heritage and it really influences my life and my art. Generally, I think I'm a character artist. I draw characters that I come up with for all of my stories (which are not all exactly...written) and so pretty much anyone you see in this gallery here has a very in-depth backstory. I am a huge fan of mythology (primarily Celtic and Norse) and also of the fantasy genre. I am a fan of Stephen R. Lawhead and Tamora Pierce (I guess I've outgrown her stories a bit, but I still admire her style and imagination). In addition to more contemporary authors, I'm a fan of the classics like Bram Stoker's Dracula and stuff like The Three Musketeers. Fiction and mythology really fuel my art and I love anything that demands imagination. Anyway, have a look around. I hope you enjoy my gallery. :)