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João Calhau

This is the final version of Kitalpha Springwater, one of the main characters of a story/webcomic of mine (it isn’t published yet). Being the crazy person I am, when I decided to star a comic I started wondering “why not write the whole story as a book alltogether? That way the plot would be easier to adapt to the comic…” As a result things are… slow.This is the first of a collection of full portraits on the cast of characters from the comic I’m intending to post here on Elfwood (kinda of a way to make up for my long absence – you DID notice I was absent right? WAIT, WAIT don’t tell me!).So on with the discription:Her parents abandoned Kitalpha at the doors of the Temple of Water; Headquarters of the Sisterhood and nobody ever heard anything about them again. The elder members of that secret society, who liked her very much, raised her since that fatefull day untill she left for the next stage of her trainning as an aprentice.Much on the contrary of the rest of the aprentices – who were mostly humans without any standout physical qualities – Kitalpha had a peculiar skin colour (this is black and white so just imagine a white person with a moderato to relatively big tan on them), a mix between honey and toast brown, and a very white hair, with the briliance of silver. The colour of her eyes changed sligthly from her emotions and could go from a dark silver to deep blue.That and the fact that she used to have disturbing dreams was the cause why she was never really accepted into the other human apprentices’ circle and her friends were mostly the eldest women of thr Order along with some (but very few) apprentices who were not human. When the story starts, from the oldest friends, only one was still alive (but she was the boss of the sisterhood so perhaps that will be a bonus :-P).After concluding her initiation, she travels to Zera II in order to finish her studies and pursue militar carreer as was habit in the Order (see Sisterhood pic for more info). There she meets Antares and the rest of the Gang.At the beginning their relationship isn’t very friendly, but after one night, when Kitalpha helps Antares deal with a bunch of evildoers on the streets of Zera, they become close friends and, well… you know what will happen with the story :-PKitalpha carries a side bladed staff wich can be recoiled into what seems a small stick.In time, she renounces completely to the Sisterhood in favor to her newfound friends and “romantic affair” (heh!).She has the power to control the female side of the One Power sleeping within her (The idea of having a power source to fuel “magic” in Duality’s – the comic’s name – universe had been dancing in my mind for years, but since, for the moment, I can’t find a satisfactory name for it I’ll just borrow the designation from the “Wheel of Time” series by the great genious Robert Jordan – please keep in mind that the comic or the story don’t have anything to do with Robert Jordan’s work and that I only used the one power term for comodity).This drawing was made in three sheets of paper (A4). Amazingly enough the elves didn’t try to kill me this time – I suspect it has to do with the fact that Kitalpha here has night elven blood in her so they must be proud that someone in their family is actualy being seen all over the world…. The media was mechanical pencil HB. The three sheets were merged using Paint Shop Pro and since I’m not too good with this technique the results are less then good. Nevertheless I still think I should be awarded a mods Choice just for the trouble of it :-P (kidding alright? Don’t kill me through the screen or anything).P.S.: Yes, She’s shy.

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