I'm a student of the International Bacaloreat Art Program at my high school and so I'm expected to be good. Currently I'm fascinated by the world of the Drow and building my own Drow city called Jahnier. (an MSN role play group... if you have a hotmail account and role play with a drow character feel free to apply to join.) I play a drow Weapon Master of the school of fighters called Sportif Sang, his name is Is'Yr and is of House Venenare, the Fifth ruling house of Jahnier at this time. A lot of my artistic inspiration comes from him and the stories in his life. He's an Assassin by trade but teaches right now because his wife doesn't want him working as an Assassin while his children are so young. I really don't know what else to say about myself... I'm a humble person with interests in almost everything in the world. I'm studying to become a Wildlife Conservation Officer. I'm going to be a modern day Ranger. I'll eventually get my Masters of English, and my Bachelor of Psychology so that I can be a skilled writer while I'm protecting the natural world from stupid people. I dunno, I don't think I obsess about fantasy but I don't really live in the real world either. The world I've created and the real world and the world of fantasy and dreams all blend together in harmony for me. I jump through hoops from one into the other or just phase through the thin borderlines to where I wish to be. The heart knows no bounries, not real nor false.