Shreem Grieve Le Volant

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Shane Diventia

A close relative of the european originated La Funt and certainly belonging to the Guromchi family, The Le Volant although not a popular mentioned finding are infact a close cousin in perspective to the La Funt. One would be amazed though at the complexing inner workings of such a shreem. Starting with the very outside itself, the Le Volant would appear as any normal shreem would with pale white skin. The eyes of the Le Volant however have taken on a distinct red color and have often been misunderstood under the flase illusion of an illuminary glow. This little rumor however was proven false when found the reflective properties of the eyes were more than considerable  via a layered film over their individual eyes developed by the species past life styles shortly to be mentioned. It was noted the presence of multiple fluid sacks on the upper portion of the Le Volant's head. The fluid however inside was found to be lacking in the natural chemical enzyme found in the La Funt deeming it a non threat. On a more interesting note it was also found these fluid sacks differed in shape and size from each Le Volant to the next. When actually tested it was found the eye sight of the Le Volant are relativly weak in focus/distance. The iris was also found to be lacking in response to motional stimulus proving lack of perspective balance. The actual movement of the Le Volant have been noted to be sluggish and somewhat laxed. The very muscle tissue of the Le Volant is rather frail and easily bruised. These studies may even have suggested the past pattern of the Le Volant once noted as " The Cave keeper" for their living patterns in caves until the early 1900's. Unknown to many locals was the fascinating if not fatal results of Le Volant once in full contact with light. At first innitial discomfort was displayed by the Le Volant soon followed by a full body outbreak of what appeared to be advanced xeroderma pigmentosum ( Darkening of skin, freckles and semi scarring ) the Le Volant violently attempted entry into shade shortly after. The very species of Le Volant are known to be allergic to daylight and within a five minute span can die in direct exposure. Tame Le Volant in cities have been known to wear heavily thick wear including hoodies, jackets and anything possibe to hide their skin during day hours. Although not proven to be an aggresive species, the Le Volant are a more than curious species by nature and are known to often feel clothing especially from strangers. It is federal shreem law to provide each owned Le Volant with appropriate cover. If not available, sun gear will be provided by De Loso vender services at an additional fee. Violaters will be prosecuted for potential shreem murder and will be dealt with harshly. As with all shreem it is a mandatory requirement to contain such registrations. Failure to yield documentation will result in relinquished ownership rights and fees up to banned ownership and possible incarceration.

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