Genalee Simon

Welcome to my humble corner of the wood.  :) (Look out for my gypsy friend Bob, he'll steal anything of value your carrying)My name is Genalee and I'm a gypsy who travels the world seeing amazing things that help me get inspiration to write and draw.  I also play guitar and my guitar teacher was also a scribe who scribed out all of my music for me and taught me.  I have actually considering taking up an apprentice myself. But I still consider myself a tyro at the instrument, for there is always something to be learned. Anyhow I am a guitarist and apprentice scribe. When I'm not practicing drawing  or reading or doing other things that gypsies do, I'm writing.  I've written many short stories and and about 4 unpublished books.  I am completely addicted to writing.   It's all I think about and I'm daily inspired by the world and the relationships around me.   Writing keeps me sane.  Well relatively sane. Sane is such a relative term. If you'd care to read my latest novel follow this link-


Another idea I was too lazy to write into anything more than a poem

The Griffin

 A poem about a griffin.  Lines 14-20 are from the Emerald Tablet.  It was fun doing a bit of research for this one.  Also there is a bit of a hidden message in this one if you look deep enough. 

Fading Fairies

 Just a little poem I put together. I think of these things a lot.

The Statue Girl

What would you do if you could bring art to life with a touch?

Glades of Gad

I was sitting on the old dam by the river today, playing my guitar, and I thought this up...