Welcome to my humble corner of the wood.  :) (Look out for my gypsy friend Bob, he'll steal anything of value your carrying)My name is Genalee and I'm a gypsy who travels the world seeing amazing things that help me get inspiration to write and draw.  I also play guitar and my guitar teacher was also a scribe who scribed out all of my music for me and taught me.  I have actually considering taking up an apprentice myself. But I still consider myself a tyro at the instrument, for there is always something to be learned. Anyhow I am a guitarist and apprentice scribe. When I'm not practicing drawing  or reading or doing other things that gypsies do, I'm writing.  I've written many short stories and and about 4 unpublished books.  I am completely addicted to writing.   It's all I think about and I'm daily inspired by the world and the relationships around me.   Writing keeps me sane.  Well relatively sane. Sane is such a relative term. Now I really must say that I love to talk about my interests and therefore I comment on a lot of fantastic artwork please don't get the idea that I'm commenting because I'm the all-knowing Queen of art.   I have seen a lot of artwork throughout my gypsy travels and I know how to give advice.  I've taken art classes in many medias so I can tell people how to improve and give ideas.  But I'm not even an apprentice drawer. I'm just....yeah not really good. :) But I do try on occasion.  Anything remotely well done by me is by the grace of God. By the way friends, I like critism  "Reject acceptance and Accept rejection."  So please don't hold back on commenting on what I can improve on.  That's what being an apprentice is all about, learning.  Quick plug to all my friends and favorites! They are awesome people! Go check them out! I will give you a cookie if you do!  Oh and my gypsy gang says a big "hi"  to you all. And hola as well from my pets: Jina my little pygmy hippo (who is growing quite quickly and has deveoped a habit of eating my vardo's roof) and of course Womby my obese wombat.  I like Playing guitar (Got my Alvarez and my Strat) ,Writing(duh), Drawing, (adding notes in these parentheses because it's super fun), Knitting (even though I'm allergic to yarn and everything else on the face of the planet. Literally I have SO many allergies!), Cooking, Baking (I don't even know what the difference is... baking and cooking are basically the same right?), ummm let me (yup really, I've done everything. Public, Private, Homeschool, Virtual school) The only reason I don't like it is because I'm an anti-social writer and school is forced interaction with people..., Dancing (haha! Just kidding. I can't dance....) Superheroes (I'm typically the only girl in the comic shop...), dragons! (who doesn't love dragons?), Traveling the world with my gypsy gang and collecting pets among other things, Listening to music, Faking a British accent to annoy my siblings, Soccer!( coolest sport ever), playing pranks (April 1st is my favorite day of the year. I typically pull about 20 pranks each April Fools day.), reading, (hehe I wonder how long I can make this list....), wombats (my favorite animal I love them! But only the cute obese ones otherwise they look weird... yes. Obese wombats.), my gypsy gang! (Genalee, Nurri, Kizzy, Mirela, Ion, Bob, Tobar, and Jivin.) :D, Foreshortening (Love looking at it HATE drawing it. That's probably where I'm weakest...foreshortening...) Sour patch kids (I'm so addicted to them. I love them so much), battlestargalactica (My uncle got me into it), Star Wars! (Han shot first!), GUNS (And again I owe this to my uncle), Chocolate cake (must I explain?), Phil Keaggy (I have indeed breathed the same air as him when I saw him perform. He is a legend. He is awesome.), Indie music (it has something magical about it), any other kind of music is lovely too I give everything a try, Favourite movies Star wars, Legend of the Seeker, Narnia, Battlestar Galactica, Legend of Korra and The Last Airbender (NOT that ridiculous movie though....) Anything that has to do with superheroes. Literally anything. Big Young Justice fan..hmm... Favourite books I was basically raised in a library this could be a dangerous question... Favourite music Different genre everyday. Music is a daily part of my life. :) Hence why I play guitar. If you really want me to suggest some music for you though let me give you some of the greatest artists ever. The Paper Kites, Morcheeba, and Regina Spektor. And for my favorite song currently- Jinja Safari- Mermaids


Another idea I was too lazy to write into anything more than a poem

The Griffin

 A poem about a griffin.  Lines 14-20 are from the Emerald Tablet.  It was fun doing a bit of research for this one.  Also there is a bit of a hidden message in this one if you look deep enough. 

Fading Fairies

 Just a little poem I put together. I think of these things a lot.

The Statue Girl

What would you do if you could bring art to life with a touch?

Glades of Gad

I was sitting on the old dam by the river today, playing my guitar, and I thought this up...