Naruto OC Shizuka

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Matthew Peck

Shizukas clan specializes in Voodoo and Ocult jutsu, due to its nature they are somewhat feard and ostracized by others. Shizuka is a very quiet individual and finds it hard to connect with her fellow team mates , most people find her creepy and some are even scared of her even though she is no danger what so ever.Within the Shitai clan every member at birth is bestowed with a doll that is inhabited by the spirit of a clan ancestor which acts as a protector in battle, unusualy for Shizuka her doll is inhabited by th soul of her older sister who died on a mission, due to this Shizuka is never seen without this doll and is often seen talking with it which only fules the discomfort towards her. Shitais clan also fight using voodoo dolls which have many uses.Jutsus:To use the techniques associated with her voodoo doll she needs something of the person shes fighting weather its hair blood etc.Voodoo chakra block technique: using her voodoo doll she is able to block off chakra points from all over her oppenants body rendering them unable to use certain jutsuRag doll impersonation technique: shizuka transforms her voodoo doll into a rag doll copy of her opponent as seen in the oringinal pic, which then can copy and use certain jutsus in its own unuaual style, unlike kankuro she use actual threads to controll her doll, if those threads are severd then the jutsu is broken and the doll reverts to its normal form.Like Garras sand, Shizukas possessed doll protects her from any atttack. Shizukas clan are able to use certain jutsu that are only learnt after their death. one such technique is a genjutsu clalled Deep Soul Destubence in which the doll reveals its true form and scares their victim almost to the point of death, so potent is this genjutsu, some have never recoverd. as it is only shizukas sister spirit that inhabbits the doll, shizuka herself must provide the chakra for many of the dolls skills, which can be very draining. 

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