Candace Bell

 Artist Biography Candace Bell is a freelance fantasy artist originally from Canada Ontario, born 1982, now living with her husband and menagerie of pets in the woodlands of Connecticut, United States. Candace considers herself largely self taught. Her desire to create artwork expressed itself in her early childhood and has since been a deeply rooted part of her personality, evolving in style over the years to what it is now.Candace has a deep affinity for nature and for the fantasy genre, both of which are primary themes in her artwork. Candace is most often inspired to depict fantasy creatures such as gryphons, dragons, and unicorns as well as anthropomorphic subjects. Inspiration drives Candace to create her artwork using a variety of mediums such as acrylic, colored pencil, watercolor, ink, oil and polymer clay and she will often combine the various mediums to create the result she desires. Candace spends much of her time pursuing various goals, projects, and entrepreneurial ventures. She is active in the virtual world of Second Life, where she designs digital content on a freelance basis. She also has a love for animals which extends beyond her artwork.Important Links Thank you for taking the time to look at my gallery, all comments are greatly appreciated!! :)~ Original Art for Sale ~ Prints fo Sale~ My eBay Auctions~ My Live Journal~ The Fantasy Art of Candace Bell~ Zazzled Store!~ Current Contest, win art prizes!Another Note: Please, if you like some of my artwork and want to feature a picture or two ask for my permission by sending an email, I don’t mind allowing people to show my artwork on their web pages, but I like to make sure it will be shown in a nice, well-designed fashion and want credit where it is due, as well as a link to my web site. Thank you :)