Matthew Donovan

I go to theatre school right now, I'm an actor generally.  But I like to write sometimes.  And right now I'm writing chapters here and there about The Valley of the Fallen Star.  I hope to keep updating the story and get some people to tell me what they think. I wrote the VOFS prologue a long time ago, getting on ten years now, and Chapter one about three years ago.  I hope to really add some zip to this story with my mad skillz.

VOFS Chapter 2

Second chapter to Valley of the Fallen Star.  It's been a while since I've thought about it, lots of playwriting later, and still intrigues me.  This chapter is about Felicia Fairwick, another rather important character in this world. 

The Death of Acan - 1

This is chapter one. A young traveller wonders into a massive city. There he will find what he has been looking for, and there he will make his destiny true.

The Death of Acan - 2

The journey of the traveller continues. Tired, he searches for an inn and eventfully, he ends up at one.

The Death of Acan - 5

The boy from the glades leaves his homeland with a new perspective.

The Death of Acan - 4

Returning to the city. The traveller learns about his world.

VOFS Chapter 1

The first chapter of Valley of the Fallen Star. It was really fun to write. The characters are fun.

The Death of Acan - 6

This is only earlt work on this chapter... another turn in the road, another viewpoint to be seen.

The Death of Acan - 3

A change in setting, apart from the city is the land that surrounds it. To the west we meet a boy that has been aformentioned.

VotFS - Prologue

This is something new by me. A new story, a new way, a new situation. hehehe.

The Death of Acan 1

Old man lives in a hut. Finds a boy. Good for him.