i am not sure what to say so i shall say whatever. if i ever was to look at you, id artistically critique you, not b/c i think i am so beautiful or that i am a snob. but b/c i want to steal from you your looks if you are beautiful. when i draw people, i take features and things from real live people. its quite fun, looking at people and thinking about drawing them, but i dont do it often cuz i need a picture and to touch them. so usually i take a picture and alter looks to suite my needs. i like altering things to fit my style!!! i get a lot of inspiration from people and music and my dreams. they say my stuff that i spark from my dreams is too surreal for this site, but i dont think so cuz its more fantasy than anything cuz it came from another realm of consiousness!!! but it'll be ok...i think. i write stories and never finish them so thats why i dont have a place in the story writing section. i am hoping to draw some characters from my story im on now, but i dont want to screw them up. i gots TWO galleries, one in loth and in the zone. yall should go visit 'em both!!! AND YOU GOTTA LEAVE COMMENTS SO I KNOW PEOPLE SEE MY STUFF! leave comments leave comments....NOW! if youre bored then youre boring,. ha.