Carla Anderson

Welcome to my world. Here you will find the writings of a distracted mind (i.e. not many). I'm currently a University student studying English and History, which means that I don't have too much time to write for myself during the school year-- but I am trying, I promise! I read plenty of  "classic" and some modern literature, and mostly fantasy and cyberpunk in my spare time, and it has all influenced me in some way. When I'm not  just writing scribbles or non-fantasy things, "Night" is my current work-in-progress during this elusive species they call "free time," so don't be too discouraged and check my page every few months if you're looking for something new :) Pete is an amazing writer. Go check out his page!...and my friend Kelsey draws pretty things!

Silent Earth Ch.3

The plot thickens (but slowly, because this is going to be a longer one!)

Night- ch. 5

This is really developing into more than a short story, I feel ^_^

Night- ch. 1

For D---.

A Fairy Tale

A little story I wrote in ninth grade-- it has a moral of sorts; rather humorous I think...


Memories going through the mind of a woman before her death... and a surprise ending

Silent Earth Ch.5

Night- ch. 3

'Bark at the Moon' is running though my head for some reason...

Night- ch. 2

The plot thickens, like blood ;)

Unicorn's Dance

Another poem...

A War Across Time- the riddle

Here is an exerpt from a little later in the story-- a riddle that hints at things to come.

A War Across Time- ch.2

Hey, it's not dead! Here is the rest of what I have typed on the computer so far. Consider it Chapter 2. There's nothing like procrastination to get me going again on something else ;)

Silent Earth Ch.4

A War Across Time- ch.1

The first segment of my story; not really a chapter per se.


Well, this got deleted in the Big Elfwood Crash of '05, so here it is again... the story of a woman whose soul is tied to a mirror, written in the spanish style of magic realism.

Silent Earth Ch.2

Best read in order.

Silent Earth Ch.1

My first sci-fi story! It takes place on Earth in the undefined future, and it's not a post-apocalyptic sort of thing... otherwise, just read on, I guess...

A War Across Time- Prologue

Here's the prologue to my 'Great Work.' I am still typing the story, but am currently re-assessing it for the 6th time, and I have paused for the moment.

The Story of a Hedge

An amusing short story; the first sentence just popped into my head one day... As of May 2003, this story won in the AAUW (American Association of University Women) writing contest. I'm so proud ^_^


Here are two Dragon Haikus I did in my spare time...

Night- ch. 4

After something of a break, here I am with two more chapters... enjoy.