Carla Morrow

OK, its been too long since I updated here...bad me....BAAAD Me... AcrylicDragon’s Fantasy Art Studio is the creation of Carla Lee Morrow. Carla has been devoted to the realm of fantasy since she was a young girl where she was inspired by the fantasy works of other artists such as Sue Dawe. She has been forming the beings, creatures, and titans of all our dreams since she could put pencil to paper. Driven by her innate desire to create, Carla’s opened her mind to the world and allowed her imagination to pour forth for all to see. In 2001 she began to move into a realm of her own as she began to develop her own unique style which has since been often accredited with being unlike anything else in the art world today. Compelled by her inner spark to paint and draw Carla strived to teach herself the ways of her craft before studying under Kathy Morrow. She soon went on to found AcrylicDragon’s Fantasy Art Studio. The studio wasn’t officially established until 2004 however, it’s been in the works since 1999, when she decided to focus her work upon the dragons that so often filled her thoughts. The studio has taken on a life of its own ever since. All of the pieces produced and displayed by the studio are solely of her artistic creation as well as all distribution efforts. No personal gallery is currently in place nor has she decided to display them in any other venues as of yet. Carla is currently focusing on displaying and distributing her work through the Renaissance Fairs and Sci Fi/Anime Con circuits in hopes to share her love for the dragons she creates with the culture she lives and breathes. The inspiration for most of her pieces comes from the world around us. She values both the animal kingdom as well as the main elements of nature as her main guides as she journeys through the creation of each new painting.