Carl Rosa II

Okay, here's the score: I'm into all that good D&D stuff (Having a taste of TSR even though it was some time before my birth, but participate in Wizards edition right now.) The reasons I draw vary, but are pretty standard. If I'm bored,and have a pad in front of me I'll sketch some. In fact, a great portion of my drawings come from this. (Please excuse the fact that they are on lined notepaper.) I write as well, but tend not to finish stories to preserve the good moments in them. For the most part I'm inspired to draw by what I see, which I can thank this site for a bit since it gives me different views on similar things. Inspiration also comes from what I feel like drawing. Sometimes it's just a random or stray line and I build from there. I'm pretty laid back, so be as brutally honest as you feel. Feedback is appreciated very much. P.S. I probably won't have any new pictures posted soon due to the fact that the stuff I wish to post is all n lined paper, which is no longer acceptable on the site. I currently posess no blank paper I can tote with me, and it is still too hard to convince your teacher blank paper is for notes. So I'm sorry if you keep coming back to see new work. If you do want some good art, look through those who have made comments here. I haven't seen work by them I haven't liked. Thanks again for visitng, and my appologies for the lack of new eye candy. Signed: Carl the Proclaimed CatLord Favourite books Starship Troopers; Magic of Recluce; Resident Evil series; The Dark Shore; The Warrior's Tale