Hullo! I am Carol Gravley, if you didn't guess by the exciting title name thinger up there. I'm a 20-year-old art major and hopeful comic artist (ha) who is just trying to get along in life...>.> I am currently owned by four mice and a beautiful woman named Avery. :-P If you want to know more about me, check out my website and have a ball. Commission Status: Open. Email me for details until I get the page up on my website...x.X Art Trade Status: Generally closed unless you'll accept a quick sketch. Request Status: Please no...x.X I simply don't have the time or the money to use my materials to fulfill requests. And now for the most wonderful writer in all of the Wyvern Library: (No, I'm not biased...) Avery 'Kira Ashlyn' Thompson For some worthy galleries to visit because the artists a) Kick my butt b) Have done art trades or whatnot with me and/or c) Are my lovely happy friends: Thia 'White demon' de Graaf | Jennifer Miller (Nambroth) | Kat (DreamWolf) Nicholson | 'Lusiphur' N. Kirkbright | Annick Tremblay | Laura Chatterson 'Lysanth' | Andi Lee Seymour | Julianne E. Ramanujam | Ginetta D. | Laura 'Lady D' Korhonen | Margaret Bashaar | ShenTao Muise | Ashley 'Kilojara' Green | Cynthia Marie O'Gara (Sisterwolfie) | L. 'Nightshade' Merge | Emily 'Pip' Turner Updates: Added: Kit Fox Reilly Zander the Show-Off Mixed Blood Removed: Windswept Scheming Gryphon Petukala C'est Magnifique Werewolf Beach Bum Careful What You Wish For