C. Cooper

i dunno i have recently fallen from the fantasy bandwagon and i am trying to hop back on board..... but argh! manga has taken over my soul.  i don't read books any more (alas) and that is where i get all my good fantasy inspiration.i do have some drawings though.... but i hate scanning .... and they are too big for the scanner. oh if you see any person with the identity of "yourfisharemine" that is me. i am on deviant art (mostly non-fantasy stuff and naruto fan art) fanfiction (mostly incomplete naruto fanfiiction) and other various sites that i've forgotten. i'm always up for a chat about anything :) so feel free to leave a message. by the way i love critique. saying "This Sucks!" isn't going to hurt me.  in fact i'll be THRILLED .  (though i would prefer some helpful feed back) i actually hate being complimented.....too much ( i do like some compliments >. I LOVE YOU ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL>    also i-i graduated.... huh... i'm not a high school student any more............ huh. I like art (duh) Fantasy (again duh) reading anime manga ....naruto Favourite movies Lotr Firefly Serenity (RiverXJayne is Canon!!) (Reevers are the smex) Golden Compass Narnia Matrix Wanted yah know good movies