J. Carpenter

11.12.07.  Uhhh...same thing as on my fantasy gallery. It's been awhile. I'll try and make up for lost time soon.

The Perfect Fury

This is an amateurish attempt at telling what little I know of the origin of Ged Alai/Grey, the primary antagonist in an epic world-story-thing I've been building since about seventh grade. There are pictures of both Grey and Ranth in my Fantasy/Sci-Fi gallery, convenienty linked to from my main Library page.

Scraping Against Clouds

This is also an origin story, but not one for an antagonist, as is 'The Perfect Fury.' This is the story of how Donovan Leoncorte Carmineshire III transcended this mortal coil and became...something else. It's a rewrite of a story I wrote about a year ago that was...pretty terrible. I think this one is a vast improvement, but it still needs some work. Please, be brutal.