Erin Carr

PEOPLE!!! GUESS WHAT!!? ok i'm goint to tell u! lol I'm just finished off a DAVID BOWIE PICCY!! BOWIE!!!!!!!!! YA! lol so all u david bowie and labyrinth fans! hee hee u'll c it ok i'm doing a bigger update in my fantasy gallery than in here sorry prople ^^' i'm tring really i am. but ne ways it's out w/ the old and in w/ the new well most of it ne ways. ok i took down the ols pics. sorry people, i'll try and do some more. but check out the new stuff. ok my name is up there in big bold print. I was born on June 21st,1988(that way i don't have to put it up every time my age changes ^^ lol) ok ok not a whole lot of drawing got done during the time off from school, but! i have drawing/painting as a class so... yup that mean i have a reson to draw lol. so far my high school rocks!!(tho u people probably don't really care ) lol WHOO!! Ok I admit some times well actually alot of the time I can be a 'weird' or off the wall. and some people would never guess but some times I have a some what of a 'sick' since of humor (check this out I laughed till i cried) (I did NOT draw this) and some people don't get to see that side of me. Chat w/ me online i'm bored!!!! Likes: Anime/manga, California, my friends in California and here in Arizona, boys, drawing (duh), dancing even if i'm not that great at it), the high school i'm going to, and other things.... Anime/mangas I like: Sailormoon, Cowboy Bebop, Outlaw Star, DBZ,(haven't seen GT yet) Dragon Ball, Birdy the Mighty is ok, Tenchi, others.... Dislikes: all the little 'popular' brats, bitches, and jerks that think there better than me. spelling, P.E., Arizona. ^^ Shout outs : Hey my scouts!! Janelle Sage Skarlet i miss cing u guys. o and Skarlet i hope that we can go to the club on a sat. together farah too. lol. Kendra!! girl your never on, and if you r u never e mail me!! I MISS U!!!! o and how r those cuteies there! ^^ lol Farah aka fairy aka furry noddel lol ^^ Alicia!! my cusion,^^ u still need to sign my year book lol and all my frineds in cali I MISS U GUYS!!!!! and sorry to everyone i missed when i was up there (GREEN!!) i think that's every one sorry if i missed you if i did i'm sorry just send me a mean e mail lol. and i think that's every thing. c ya