Carrie Hanscom

LOOONG overdue bio/FAQ update: The 'ugly' stuff first, just because I want to make sure people see it: If you want to display any of my images anywhere on the internet, please contact me first and let me know. This is mainly just a formality, as I will almost always say 'yes', given the following conditions: Images MUST be clearly credited (write next to or under the picture: ''picture title' by Carrie Hanscom', and link my name to either my Elfwood or DeviantArt gallery, depending on where the picture is from). I may also want you to use a file other that the one displayed on Elfwood. Please respect my wishes if this is the case. DO NOT crop or remove the watermarks, signatures or logos of any pictures or alter the images in any other way (for example, do not color, or change the color of, any images). Since I get certain questions a lot I thought I'd address them here: In answer to the question (or any similar question) 'Can I use X picture in Y magazine? I'm not making any money from it'. No, sorry, since I have no way to really verify this. If I know you (offline), and we can BOTH meet with a publisher and everything is clear, then fine, but otherwise, it's just a precaution on my part. Commissions: Sorry, but I am not currently taking commissions from people online. This may change, but I will indicate clearly when/if it does. Prints: Prints of some of my pictures are currently available on my Deviant Art site ( Originals are not currently for sale. for the less hidious stuff (if you have tolerated me thus far): Age(as of 8/04): 27 Occupation: I'm currently a graduate student in biotechnology, and I will hopefully start a job in genetic research next year (disease/ medical research, but nothing with live animals) and I'm a freelance mythic/surreal/gothic style artist. I'm also on the seasonal (summer) security staff for certain New England concert venues (and I love my job). Hobbies/likes: Art, forreign language study, psycology (Jung fan not Freud), phylosophy, martial arts/physical fitness, thought provoking movies (esp science fiction), music(Tool, APC, Evenescence, Nickelback and the like), anime (current favorite series: InuYasha and Wolf's Rain). I'm also pleased that MXC has finally made it to television in the US (although the voiceovers are just bizarre). Goals: Help people realize that concepts like science and faith, logic and passion, are not neccessarily mutually exclusive. Read Sujuki Koji's 'Ringu' in the original Japanese. Make enough money with my art to pay for all my art suppies... My yahoo ID (if it doesn't say it somewhere) is Darth_Kayne. If you want to add me to your list I'd be happy to add you to mine, just note me that you are from Elfwood (or Devart, Bifrost, etc) so that I know what folder to put you in (makes things mildly less confusing for me). Thanks for visiting my gallery. If you would like, drop by my deviatart gallery as well - I have images there that are not on Elfwood, as well as larger versions of the images displayed in my elfwood gallery.