Carrie Andrews

 I am Carrie Lynn.  I have been drawing since I was just a tot.  In kindergarten I remember painting a tree that all the teachers made a big deal over.  They submitted it to the childrens museum of art in Columbus Ohio but My Gramie was so afraid that they would keep it that she did not let it go.  I have the picture to this day.  I love art with a passion.  It is my life.  I hope to make more and more for people to enjoy.... I like Of course I am interested in Art...Imagine That...but I love Cheetahs,Dragons,Wizards,Castles,Fairies,unicorns, Anime,Witches,Goddesses and so much more that I am sure I will be able to show. Favourite movies *Legand~~~Labirynth~~~Dark Crystal~~~Lord Of The Rings~~~Harry Potter~~~Spiderwick and so many more* Favourite music 80's and a bunch of other stuff..I love a good beat and I listen to words. I love music that can make me move. Which doesn't take much