Casi B. Elsie

Friends & Artists- Lizzy Tierney and Ben L.Schock Geez.... last time I updated was 4/14/04 ... it is currectly... 9/25/04 That means that I'm a senior, 18, and all my art was severely outdated: so HERE cruel world! LOL Take this! ^_^ I love you all! Of course I'm also rather fond of acting, AMV's, certain anime's, dancing, swiming, and all sorts of other stuff. Right now it's ... 4 in the morning. Holy Cow-On-A-Stick! How long has it been? ~snicker~ Almost a full year! Good heavens. Well... I've graduated, and will be attending Reed College two weeks from now. Still can't spell worth beans. Have much better art that is not uploaded. Maybe I'll do that once I get moved into the dorm. Or maybe I'll sprout wings. That'd be nice.