1/16/03Okay, Okay, one of my friends was telling me that no one comments because I never update, I didn't update over the summer becasue I didn't do many drawings, and now I have enough so that I feel okay to put them up. Even if some aren't finished. I have four younger siblings, two sisters, two brothers. I'm going to American River college right now, the local Junior college. I role-play alot, and most of my drawings are of the characters in the RPGs I go to. I have my own RPG now too, and I guess I'm an okay GM. I'll get better. I write stories also, so go check them out if you have time. And look at my other galleries too, like Deviantart(private gallery) and fan art(which isn't very good). Please comment, and thanks for coming!2/5/04Elfwood has just changed, and hopefully, all my sci-fi stuff will come up here. I can update alot faster on DeviantArt, and have a lot more recent drawings there. If you want to see them, just click on my private gallery. But you can only comment if you are a member.I appreciate all kinds of comments. But I like them best if you say all of what you think about the drawing. If you think it sucks, say why, if you think it's wonderful, say why. If you have combination of feelings, mention what you like and don't like, and say why. I try to respond to all my commenters and go visit them too, though I do so a lot more on deviantart because I am there more often. Thank you for reading all of this, and for commenting if you did.If you know nothing about my church(The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints), go to the website. 2/4/03 And just because, here are some sites of friends; Alura's Stories Alura's Elfwood art Alura's deviantArtBridget My sister!