Cassandra Kempter

I'm going to do a new bio for this. Most of the drawings here are based on Animorphs, a book series by K. A. Applegate. I sincerely reccommend them to you. Also some drawings from a story of Tamara's a friend of mine. Most of these are really old. Um,.. I write stories too. And I have lots of other art. I like to read alot, draw alot, and write alot. I write in a journal every wekk or more often. I have four younger siblings, two girls, and two boys. My parents are still married, and they say they'll never get divorced. I'll be 20 on June 9th this year(2004). I'm a membner of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints., other wise known as 'The Mormons'. Because we have the Book of Mormon. Well, have fun here, and PLEASE comment! The website for my church would be

Changed Blood Part 1

This is based on a dream i had when I was 16. I've redone a lot of it. This is onlt the first part, I have at least two other parts to add to it.

Changed Blood Part 2

This is the second part of Changed blood. Duh! Got one more to go.

Emily's Adventure

About a girl who wants to go on an adventure. I wrote this one in third grade first, then I wrote the second part in 6th grade. It was fun. Hope you like it, it's not very long, really.

Dark Pine

I wrote this in 6th grade right before I started my three year long writer and artist's block. I got over the block when I met Mir, and then Alura, and then Tamara! Well, hope you like it. You can guess for yourself whether the protagonist is male or female!

The Dragon

I wrote this in 4th grade as a school assignment. I've rewritten it since, and I also posted this one on the Del Rel Writer's Workshop. It's about a girl who gets kidnapped by a dragon. I'm going to edit it a little bit later.

Changed Blood Part 3

This is the third part. I didn't put it up for so long because I hate formatting it into html, and no one seemed to be reading it... But now that there seems to be renewed interest, I'm putting it up! The end of this is where I got the Darrowkil drawing in the Zone.