Allison Cassel

Hello! Who is this crazy person, you may be wondering? Well, I'm a college student in Minnesota who hates snow, hates cold, and hates finals. So I'm out of luck around this time of year. But I still do manage to get a little art done, and a few stories (look in my library spot!), so take a look around and let me know what you think! Coming soon will be digital photos of the paintings I've been working on all semester (both acrylic and aquaoil), and direct scans of the silver jewelry I've likewise been doing. If you'd like to know when these and other things show up, go to and subscribe, I'll send out announcements when I post new stuff. Don't worry, they won't come very often! ^_~ Thanks for stopping, and if you're another elfwood artist, please comment so I can check out your stuff too! (if you aren't another artist, comment anyway!) Thanks! ^_^


A selection from 'Year Minus One,' an old conceptual thing for my main story sets... this particular piece has, like most of YMO, been thrown out. However, I still like it, so here it is.

Legend Journals: Diha and Sakara

A little writing exercize, mostly pre-planning of the two civilizations. The designs have changed, but it's an interesting read, and can sit here until I find the file I originally planned to upload.

Shades of Grey 1: Falling Angels

Well, here it is. The first chapter of Shades of Grey, a bizarre little urban fantasy. Hope you like it! Please comment! Ask questions, let me know if there's anything you don't understand, let me know if there's any huge glaring errors missed by typing at 2 am... Thanks! Enjoy!

Traditions Lost

A little writing exercize, not a part of Shades of Grey. It was a personal challege to write something for each month, no more than one manuscript page. (Just think, there's 11 more of these... O.o) Not a happy story...