Hey, I'm Marianne, 17, Irish, go by Snuffles The Orc or some variation thereof on-line. I don't really draw much fantasy based stuff anymore, and consequently never update this place. Everything here is years old at this point and mainly here for nostalgia purposes. I owe Elfwood a lot. This site is what started me drawing and largely responsible for all the improvement I made when I was younger. Thus, I won't take down my gallery.Some people who really helped:Peter Xavier Price : Lauren 'Lozzenger' Atkinson : Samael Howard : Bree Patton : Jamie Chang a.k.a Ponine : Lucy 'Niahm' Wade : K. Webbs aka Wolfy : Brian P. Strebel : Marta Leonhardt : Kathryn Raynor (non Elfwood) : Hannah O'Reilly : Jen Bamford : Imogen Scoppie : Hannah Emrich : Emma O'Reilly : Kyle Irwin : Samantha Houghton : Hana Stewart-Smith : Rachel Beaconsfield : Greig Jackson : Leah Coghill