Cassandra Watlington

Hi Im Cassie, I like cute and ramdon things. :) I like to draw whatever I see, . I am unable to create things on my own. Id try drawing things without looking and its not pretty , trust me. So I come here and Im  instantly inspired. I dont trace and Im not here to steal or make money off anybodys art work. Please take it as a compliment if I happen to draw any of your art work. I like RPG games, Xbox, Playstation 3, I love Skyim, Halo. Makeup. Clothes. shoes. Working out. I love to say up Hoot Hoot!!. And I love to dance, but not as much as drawing Favourite books not really scifi I really dont read much, I like Cosmo, Twilight, The Island of the Blue Dolphine. World Genius records. Read the Help, and now currently reading Beaches. Favourite music Red hott chili peppers. Incubus, Mudvayne, Percilla ahn, Poe, 90s music/ country, Little Dragon, Lana Del Ray, Incubus, Z-ro, Spm, Thrice, Coheed and Cambria, Kings of Leon.