Chelsea Castonguay

WELCOME TO THE HOME OF THE FIRST (AND HOPEFULLY LAST-EVER) MERGESTOCK!!!!!!!!!! I am your host, Chelsea Castonguay. I am eighteen years old, and currently reside in Maine. Yes, it is cold up here, and yes, I am very fond of lobster. Inane questions aside, I do obviously love to write, and I hope you will read and enjoy what I have here. Any suggestions, or constructive criticisms are always appreciated. There are some thanks in order: Daryl Cooper, best damn editor and helper/motivator/critquer. Alison M. Guynes, for putting me in her literary tour. Although the story, Lady Phim, is now off of Elfwood, she is a great lady and a new mom! Rosie Sanderson, for making me laugh so much and being insane. She has a great story called 'The Last Goodbye', which I strongly encourage everyone to read.

Connor and Binjii II

Nora Stel read my first try at Connor and Binjii, and made an excellent point that they really are not realistic pirates, so I gave them another go, I think this one is better.

Her Boy

A half-elvish maiden is promised to a human boy much younger then her. THE AGONY!

Gwenievere, Part Two

Part Two of Gwenievere's story


A tiny story about Lancelot of Kinbg Arthur's Knights and his unnamed love.

Saturday Night Lights

What happens when mysterious beings show up at a kegger?

My Goddess

A poem about a drow male who is slowly dying while his female, who was enslaved to him for centures (yes, a very strange occurance) considers the situation.

The Spinner

A short story about a girl who spins shirts from spiders' silk

The Dark Phoenix Goddesses

A world no one knows, in a time no one has visited, two goddesses walk the planes of existence, punishing those they chose, and saving the few they choose for immortality.


The youth Elpenor

Helen of Troy

A little poem about Helen of Troy...rhyming...egads forgive me!


The first part of Gwenievere's story, which is going to go along with Rosie Sanderson's Arthyr story...if she ever writes it!


A sort of sequel to 'Lancelot'. It's pretty horrid.

The Dark Phoenix Goddesses_02

Kana and Corte come face to face with the dreaded Phoenix Goddesses

The Maiden's Knight_early01

A new story about Robin Hood and Maid Marian as young people growing up. It is not really how Robin and Marian met, but then it wouldn't be an original story if it was, now would it? This story is to be written in diary form, and these are the entries from early May. More to come.

The City of Darkness

Based off of a wiki at Elftown, this is a story about two Drow who are brought together (much to the female's dislike) in a destroyed City they wish to remake as their own.

Wise Penelope

This is a poem based on Penelope from the Odyssey. Now, if you're immature and can't deal with the idea that in the ancient Greek world it was acceptable for women to have women as lovers, I suggest you don't read this. And grow up.

Connor and Binjii

Two pirates aboard a ship learning to get along and dealing with adolescence in their own ways.

Falling Phoenix

Over 200 years in the future, a darkness falls over the earth, accompanied by a monsterous race who's goal is to destroy mankind.

In Those Nights

A poem...sort of one of a pair.


A short story about a boy with some pretty wet'n'wild abilties.

You, My Lord

A ballad inspired by an ancient chinese poem, but this entirely different and is its own work. This ballad is about a girl who is forced to marry a stranger, but she comes to love him just as he is ripped from her, perhaps forever, by a war.