Cat Bowen

Erm...hi. My name is Cat Bowen (Yes...that's me there with the 80s hairdo), I live in England, and I draw the characters from the stories I'm writing, which tend to be a sort of wierd mixture of fantasy and sci-fi, usually set in the far future on some distant world. The vast majority of my artwork is done in Photoshop, partly due to the fact that all my painted art (yes, I do use real paint sometimes) scans really badly and ends up looking pale and blotchy by the time it gets onto the internet, and partly because digital is a medium I really like, and I think it suits my work better than other media. I experiment with it quite a bit, trying out strange combinations of anime/manga/cartoon style and more realistic styles- most of my work ends up looking halfway between the two. I like music with awesome guitar solos in (particularly from the 80s) :D and play electric and bass guitar. (I'm not in a band currently, but hey, what can ya do.) I reply to comments, and if you're an Elfwood person, I'll also visit your page and comment back. I do art trades, and I'm pretty open to ideas. I think that's all I can think of to say at the moment, I'm really not very good at writing bios, am I? XDGALLERY TIDY-UP: Well, it takes me forever to update sometimes but I finally got around to it. Got some new pictures uploaded and deleted a load of old stuff.  There's still a lot of old work lying around in this gallery, leftover stuff from 2002/2003 when I first joined Elfwood and went crazy uploading pictures, and I haven't had the time to delete all the old stuff. (Some of the old pictures I cling onto because they have sentimental value...however lousy they may be!!)  Due to space limitations, I can't put all my new artwork here and, because I'm very busy, I'm REALLY slow to update here, but you can find everything in Cat's DeviantART Gallery. (Waah...shameless plug!)