Sheena Blair the Werewolf Mafia Don

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June Howard

Sheena Blair is my character in D20 Modern. She ran away from her original home the night her father shot her mother, and was taken as ward of the state and put into an orphanage where she was "scouted" by a man named Bosco who served the infamous Bobby Lumbrusco the local Mafia Don. Sheena was promptly adopted by Lumbrusco and given just about everything she wanted in return for her services as a hitwoman. She was trained from a very young age to be an incredible shot and amazing with firearms, and a hardened killer. However with a bit of a naive ete and a very protective Bosco watching over her she maintained a degree of humanity. Majestic 7, an MIB like organization that deals with alien threats, acquired Sheena after a puppeteer (an alien capable of mind control of a subject) took control of her adopted father and he was promptly turned into swiss cheese by her now Commanding Officer Rowan Mcbannon. Distraught at his loss, Sheena now works as an agent of Majestic 7, investigating strange incidents that the groups keeper Z sends them to. On a recent mission we discovered a man named Victor Helios who was actually the legendary Doctor Frankenstein. However he was a bit warped as he was more interested in genetic mutations to try to achieve the perfect "New Human" to replace the old defective one. He did not want his creations however to have the ability to reproduce which sadly is what one of the mutations was. Majestic captured one of these creatures and when Sheena and Mcbannon went to investigate it the creature escaped and released a Loup Garou (not a werewolf per say since it is only harmed by pure gold but very very similar) who was looking for prospective breeders. First it attacked Mcbannon who seemed to pose a threat and ripped out his sternum in the process (Rowan was trying to intimidate what he thought was a werewolf with his silver cross which had been seared into his chest). To save him from being eaten, Sheena shot him several times and goaded it into attacking her. It tackled her and when Elizabeth Crow (another of the Majestic bunch) came in and started hurling silver throwing knives the garou began to turn on her. Desperate to protect her comrades Sheena tried to distract the monster by biting it (the only thing she could do or think of after taunting) and only succeeded in drawing blood and infecting herself with lycanthrope. Only a little while afterward when Rowan and Sheena were both healed, they were back on the trail of Victor Helios and this time, Sheena got into a heated argument (heated because of the werewolf blood surging in her veins) and Rowan shot her in the foot with a silver bullet (stupid because it wasn't a lethal shot and even more so because the argument was over who would drive Sheena's car) and she transformed into a werewolf in the middle of a street in New York in broad daylight. Sheena managed to hide herself until nightfall when she could get back to her apartment. A guard discovered her there in wolf form and promptly engaged. Her keeper however sent over her love interest Michael (who happens to be a Hawaiian were-shark "mako-mako") who walks her through changing back since that's the only thing she wants to do. Z suggests she be put in isolation but Rowan, feeling like an ass after having gotten into further trouble when he was interrogated by police later, defends her and says that it was partially his fault for shooting her, especially in broad daylight (however not because he shot her over a car)... Sheena begins to feel more than ever like a monster and resentment is beginning to build against Rowan Mcbannon.

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