Catherine Miller

Ack! This all over again! Well, I am Cathy. Hi. I'm 21 and am attending my last year at the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point with a major in biology (yes, biology, not art) and a minor in captive wildlife management...I want to be a zookeeper :P Drawing is my favorite hobby, my only hobby, really and I don't do a lot of fanart because I already have my own style established. Anime I watch: Inu Yasha, first and foremost Wolf's, so dramatic! Cowboy Bebop is awesome when I can catch it FLCL...just plain hilarious Any other anime you want to consider, random finds like Tenchi Muyo, Iria, Rurouni Kenshin, Trigun, etc. Basically I'm limited to whatever's shown on the television but I've just picked up a manga 'Immortal Rain' that's spiffy. I work almost exclusively in photoshop 7 with my beloved wacom tablet! *huggles* My best friend and evil twin Misti: Misti's Gallery. Go tell her how wonderful she is! And do leave me comments; I check them all the time! They mean much! Thanks and enjoy!