Mark of the Dragon

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Cathrine Nelson

"Saraphina, what is you greatest desire?" the monk asked"To life an honorale life and to serve my future husband well." She replied, wondering why a monk had come as a go between."Then I must extend the offer of my master, the Dragon God Quan!" he said quickly and as fast as posible.Dumbfounded, she paused while the relization hit "NO!" she screamed, "I refuse!""Too late" the monk said, pleased with himself, "The mark already begins to spread on your cheek. Quan will come for you when the moon is full." The monk turned and left. Saraphina looked at her father, who couldn't stand to see her face now. She was suposed to marry for advantage, but that was gone now. She was to be the wife of the Water Dragon, Quan.The night of the full moon Saraphina's mother dressed her in a flowing dress of red and led her to the porch to wait the arival of her husband. Quan came with a drenching rain, ruining the effect her mother had strived for: human.Without a word Quan gripped Saraphina around the waste and took off, leaving Saraphina's mother to cry alone.Saraphina and Quan flew to a temple where the monk was waiting. Quan went to a pool in the center of the room and blew a breath of air across it, letting colors dance in the wake of the ripples. The monk pointed to the pool and instructed Saraphina to emerse herself in it.Saraphina complied wading into the pool. When the water reached her waste a spark of gold began to fly from the water, circling her and growing ever larger until it revealed itself as a golden dragon made of sparks. With to warning Quan reached out and pushed Saraphina under.She gasped in the water and found she could breathe. with a shuder she realized that her hands where gone. in there place were a set of claws. She turned and sprang out of the water, looking at Quan in a new light. His fluffy head seemed hansome now.Saraphina turned to the pool and gasped. Where she was suposed to be staning stood a red and gold dragon."Welcome my lovely Burning One, I have you at last, Saraphina!" a warm voice said in her mind. She turned to Quan, the origin of the voice and pounced in play.

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a short start to a story i will expand.

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