Shell Shock

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Caitlin Cook

It's not so much he commited atrocities during the war on the elves. Or that his ears had been cut off and face permantly scarred. What hurt him the most was that he had lost both loves in his life. *top panel* He had just been married. Marriage between two dark elves was hard : Men had to wear thorns on their arms and women had to wear shards of glass and they traded necklaces of innocence. If they could survive the ceremony they could survive the hardships of marriage. That's when she arrived. *bottom pannel*The head of the dark army leading the assault on elves. She was scouting the village for suitable men for the army. Many volunteered. They underwent tests to see their fitness. The final test was to meet at a cemetary at the edge of the town. Everyone knew that particular cemetary had the possessed tree. That's right a possessed tree. It was carnivorous and many children died from stumbling into the cemetary on dares from their friends. If you were man enough to trudge through it you would become part of the army. Only one man showed up for the test. The newlywed. He wanted to fight for what he knew would make the world a better place. Elves weren't as heavenly as people liked to portray them as. They slaughted their females if they didn't obey their parents and married outside of the family. He underwent the test and chopped down the old tree. She pointed out to the captian of the third division that the newlywed's hair needed to be cut and dyed so he could spy on the enemy. Since then, they became very close. He may have been serving under her but it seemed she went easier on him. One day she told him she loved him. Since then, he had been having an affair with the woman he called general. He was taken captive when caught spying on the elves. They cut off his ears and tried to make him give up information. He didn't say a word. He escaped their poorly made prison and found himself back at his camp. His ears were still bleeding. The next battle he would handle a fire snake. Shielded only by the light weight armor he advanced on the enemy. Burned bodies fell before him and he stepped over them as if it were nothing. Just then an archer released an arrow. It flew straight at him but it never struck the target. The General had lept in front of it without a second thought and died in his arms. That's when he realized what he had done. His new found love lay dead in his arms and he could not return to his wife for the guilt would eat him a alive. And thus...he took up his sword and killed himself

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