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Kyrsanalae (Kyrsa) - the character from an old story idea.  A dragon who took on the form of a human, known for her obsidian scales and violet eyes.  "And as the guards seized him, Sol took one look back at the cliffs edge.  It was from there which the odd young girl had voluntarily stepped off, plummeting to the jagged rocks below.  The offending armor-clad men were escorting him to their commander, just as a terrible noise erupted from the precipice below.  The horrifying wail shook the very ground beneath their feet, and the dreadful sound of beating wings filled the air.  The young man felt the grip of his captors hands loosen, and he turned in time to see a giant black beast arise into the air behind him.  He only caught a small glimpse of it's form - leather winged and armed with wicked teeth and long claws, something like..  A dragon? GET DOWN! A voice commanded in his head, and Sol was very uncertain just from who the order had been issued..  His reverie broken, he obeyed and threw himself on the sand.  At the very least he didn't want to become dinner for such a horrendous monster, and maybe if he played dead he would be spared.  Violet gouts of flame flew over Sol's head, exploding on impact near the small gathering of soldiers.  The heat singed his hair and choked him, making it hard to breathe.  But at the very least, he had been spared execution by this unknown army.  At last, shaking, he turned to face his savior. A large wyvern landed roughly on the edge of the cliff, her long claws scrabbling for purchase on the easily displaced sands.  It was then he noticed the uncanny resemblance it held to the girl from before..  Kyrsa, was that what her name had been?  The black scales were reminiscent of her hair, pitch like the sky at midnight.  And yet intelligent eyes glimmered within the bulky skull, with the same hint of amusement that had presented itself in the eyes of the long haired, fair-skinned girl. Yes, Kyrsa..  That was it."

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