I have been drawing since I could hold a pencil. My formal tuition extended to Standard Grade, Higher and abortive SYS in Art & Design at high school, but while I greatly enjoyed art classes, I always felt more truly creative at home. I think this is because my main strength is not drawing from life, but in exploring, understanding and building on what I see. I rarely use a single reference for a picture. I had a narrow escape from attending art school - I did Engineering instead and I am very glad! I think art school would have ruined it for me. I dabble in all kinds of media, from sculpture to every kind of digital. My favourite medium for quick sketching is the underrated ballpoint pen - a decent one gives a lovely, flowing line with much more scope for expression than fibre-tipped drawing pens, and you don't have to sharpen them. My job involves a lot of 3D modelling, which I enjoy, and this carries over into my art where I tend to "build" figures rather than drawing a single angle. I love to create new creatures from my knowledge of existing ones, and I love to play with anatomy to invent new creatures which could plausibly live. I also love colours, feathers, scales, flowing hair, curly horns and all kinds of unnecessary adornments. I wear stripes. So do some of my creatures. I have often been known to draw a whole intricate drawing, often involving the invention of an entirely new species, just as an excuse to draw lots of feathers or use every coloured pencil or felt pen in the pack! If I have a weakness it is that I don't often finish things. I also have an oddball attachment to construction lines and will often leave them in because I like them - I like to see the history of the drawing - it's not just laziness! My lack of patience also means I rarely paint, though I enjoy it when I do.