Catriona Lindsay

 I have been drawing since I could hold a pencil. My formal tuition extended to Standard Grade, Higher and abortive SYS in Art & Design at high school, but while I greatly enjoyed art classes, I always felt more truly creative at home. I think this is because my main strength is not drawing from life, but in exploring, understanding and building on what I see. I rarely use a single reference for a picture. I had a narrow escape from attending art school - I did Engineering instead and I am very glad! I think art school would have ruined it for me. Since this is my Fanart account, I'd better give my fan credentials - I love most fantasy and a lot of sci-fi; a few things which have captured my imagination down the years are Lord of the Rings, Narnia, Star Wars, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (I like the others, but was never a Fan), Knight Rider (hey, don't knock it, it was a talking car, and everyone loves the Hoff) and my current top groove, Doctor Who. I am a new series newbie (Christopher Eccleston was my first Doctor) but I have since gone retrospective, so I know my roundels from my Ranis.If you have never heard of Doctor Who and you have a taste for madcap and slighly surreal sci-fi, get hold of a DVD now and find out what you're missing! I'd recommend starting with the 2005 series, as the old series, while it has moments of genius, is distinctly uneven and it has gone through many strange phases over the years.I may not produce much in the way of fanart, but I hope youse enjoy what I do come up with. I like Art, writing, cookings, most things Favourite movies Star Trek: Deep Space Nine; Doctor Who; Babylon 5; Knight Rider; Star Wars Favourite books Lord of the Rings; The Chronicles of Narnia; The Wild Road