Caroline Anderson

I am an AS level student in the North-East of England and, though I no longer study art, I enjoy drawing in my spare time. I unfortunately don't seem to get as much as that as I used to and I never do full scale paintings or anything, though I plan to try & do more in the near future. I am trying to improve & think I may almost-completely empty & refill this gallery in the coming months. It is possible I will also upload some writings, as I am sporadically working on several stories at the moment. I like Sewing, reading, Rangers, drawing, writing stories, History, words, nature, beliefs. Basically anything. Favourite books Deathscent by Robin Jarvis, the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett, a lot of Stephen King's work. A lot more but these came to mind, as favourites, I suppose. Favourite music I tend to prefer Rock genres (including Glam Rock!), though I do enjoy a wide range, varying from Classical to Pop(occasionally) to Metal.