Secret Agent with 'Secret Agent' written on his forehead(wip).

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Caroline Anderson

Well, the title's a fair enough explanation. Anyways, this arose from a conversation I had with my boyfriend. Can't remember what we were actually talking about, but I mentioned a phrase I had read in Trench Coats and Love Notes (a brilliant story, posted on Elfwood, by Gloria Bowden!), "a walking contradiction" and he said something in reply along the lines of "Like a secret agent with "secret agent" tattooed on his forehead?" and it conjured an image in my head which I just had to draw. So here he is. The "wip" in the title stands for Work In Progress, which it is. He has no legs(they were difficult!) and, partly because of this, his jet-pack has no flames either. Let's pretend it's powered by air-turbine-thingies for now, shall we? It was going to be, originally, but I thought flames would look cooler (and be more sci-fi), especially if they were an interesting colour, like purple or green. This was done using an HB pencil, I think, probably an Ikea one; mostly Crayola coloured pencils and a farily poor quality sketchbook page. I used myself as reference, especially for the arms, although I don't loook much like him. It was quite hard drawing a broad, muscularish man when you're using a skinny girl for reference. I think I did use some other pictures for the arms and gun, as well, actually. YOu know what, he's more of a floating contradiction, really... And I just thought I'd say: Wow, he's actually coloured! And has some shading on him! And may have more...  

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