Catherine Baker

My God, has it been that long... Yes, three years since I last looked at this thing. Sorry if it looked like I disappeared off the face of the earth.So... I'm still (trying to) draw, though I'm finishing less and less these days. And less of the fantasy too. However, I hope this may change next year. I'm starting an art foundation course, probably six years later than I should have, but still. Hoping this will give a much needed boost to my creativity.Hard to decribe what sort of thing I do. Whatever I feel like, I suppose. I am often accused of producing a lot of stuff that looks the same, but then I reckon as long as I'm just working for myself, I'll do what I please, thank you very much. And if this includes the odd underdressed male elf, so be it...I'm putting up a few bits and bobs from the past couple of years, just to prove I am still drawing. Most aren't quite finished, surprise, surprise, but I hope you all like them anyway. And thank you to everyone who has visited, commented on and bookmarked my pages. I really appreciate the... appreciation, and once I work out this new Elfwood business I'l try and get back to you....    I like Drawing (really?), reading, travel, birds, nature, dreaming. Favourite books Really into Redwall at the moment