Welcome noble guests to the B-Man's humble corner here at Elfwood. It's about time I add some colors to the gallery. Thus, two new pics, this time digitally colored, have been uploaded. As usual serious, critical feedbacks are very welcomed as these would always be the barometer for me in the perpetual quest to improve myself. I'll try to respond to every critique, following the philosophic path of the talented Randy 'Taffy' Linbourn (visit his gallery) who says, 'Comments are good, but replies are better' If you would please be kind enough NOT to use any of my humble works displayed here without my permission, the B-Man would more than just appreciate it. I wish you a pleasant stay my noble guests, *bowing politely* Other, mostly military aviation-related works of mine can be found on DevArt and the B-Man's journal. So If you're interested in aircraft drawings do drop by :) There hasn't been much yet, but I hope it will grow Additions on Aug '04: The 'Lady Halberdier' colored; 'The Butcher' Additions on Nov '04: 'The Butcher' retouched