Cassandra Brown

Well I am 15 years old, i have a twin sister(yah i know no big deal just said it anyway) and in the 10th grade. I love to draw although, I am always telling myself i am not as good, and i should stop drawing all together. But i usually i am too lazy. I draw because I love to do it despite the fact that sometimes they are ... how shall i say bad. I usually draw from whatever i think of or while listening to music. That is also when i write although i wont ever put them on the computer afraid to be confronted with how bad i am. Well same here.     I have also had one goal it is real stupid but to be an artist. And i feel if i was a tattoo artist that would be better because then my art would be around forever. SO that is my goal. (i know it is weird but  get over it as i will say)